A New Toy

The Google Pixel 2 takes some of the best pictures for a phone. The new Google Pixel 3 will be better. The rumored Samsung Galaxy 10 with four cameras may even be better. But they will not replace a camera, for now.

Today, I purchased an RX100 V and think it would take better pictures for the next few years. It will mean carrying more things and will weigh down the backpack, but the pictures are worth it. It’s not as bulky as a DSLR or other system. It will still take better photos than a phone camera which is what is essential.

It is not my first RX100. I bought one almost five years ago and have loved it because of its size and the pictures it produces. This is before the phone was the primary shooter. There is still my old Sony NEX 7 which is only used on long trips or if there is a car. It is still big and bulky with different lenses and adaptions. There is no WiFi or Bluetooth connection to the phone making photo one step harder.

So why the RX100 V when there is a newer version? It is a combination of costs and expectations. The only difference between the V and VI is a telephoto lens and $HKD 1400. Most of the photos are taken close up, at eye level, but many want the telephoto lens but not me.

The size, weight, and dimensions of all the RX100’s are about the same. Sony did put in an electronic eye viewfinder which pops out in the third version but other than that no changes. The sensor and add-ons are the ways the series has gone up from $HKD 5000 to $11,000. The one downside is the dials and mechanics changing the ISO, Film Speed and aperture. Most are hidden and needed to be hunted out and found but become automatic when learned. Playing with aperture, film speed and light are critical for photography, but the automatic is good enough for me. It is point and shoot for me

Photography is my hobby. I admit to having some gear addiction, but this will be the last camera I buy – for at least two years 🙂