The Mailing List I’m Happy To Read

I subscribe to so many mailing lists it isn’t funny. There are probably 20 or 30 of them per day and mostly delete before reading. There is one though that always gets opened, always gets read and always enjoy and sometimes saved for later. It is Dense Discovery done by Kai Brach.

It’s an interesting mix of stuff to check out, from thought-provoking quotes from twitter or other places. There is some really amazing artwork from typographers and illustrators. There is also some interesting articles about the internet, the state of design and how we can use both to create a better environment. There are also other types of recommendations for apps and tools. He spells out what the newsletter is in his first issue:

“Dense Discovery is meant to be more than just a newsletter: consider it a carefully edited digital publication, delivered straight to your inbox every Tuesday. My goal is to continue to provide you with a hand-picked selection of apps, accessories, and thought-provoking stuff to read, watch, and listen, but also to mix in other compelling, inspirational, and fun material. I’m excited to try out a few ideas over time and hope I can count on your continuous support!”

It comes every Tuesday. The site says there are over 21,200 people getting it and if it sounds like something you want, you should subscribe.

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