City of Protest by Antony Dapiran – Review

Protests and demonstrations are raging in Hong Kong again. It feels like it is never-ending. They are protesting an Extradition Bill allowing possible criminals to be taken from Hong Kong to Mainland China. That is the purpose of the protests, but there are more reasons such as the difficulty living in an ever increasingly expensive city and the fear of a disappearing culture of Hong Kong under the threat of Mainland China.

These protests are not new, and after reading City of Protest by Antony Dapiran, it will not be the last time. The book is short and concise, giving an overview of the many protests before 1997 and up until the post-Occupy Central/Umbrella Movement of 2015. It provides an excellent background in understanding what is going today in the streets.

Mr. Dapiran is an excellent writer describing in detail how the protests and demonstrations are not necessarily about what they are protesting about but a way for the population to express their frustrations about how this society is constructed. In a democratic society they ‘vote the bums out’ but here they can’t and can only do it through protests.

If you are coming or living in Hong Kong, the book is an excellent overview of the history of protest in this proud city.

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