It’s been a while, and a lot has happened. There’s too much going on, and it’s been tough.

The obvious is COVID or the virus. Here in Hong Kong, we are in the middle of the Third Wave. The reasons for this are mixed – the government not screening or doing proper quarantine system in place . There is also the fatigue of being under distancing and restrictions since the end of January. People are tired and worn down, and it’s not just here but around the world.

Then, the political scene has brought a month of change due to the Chinese Government imposing a National Security Law on Hong Kong.  It has drastically changed the city, and anyone can feel it if they can get out of their homes due to the virus. No one talks about it in public, but it is there. It’s forced many people to get VPN’s, comb through social media to delete potential self-inflicted posts, and delete their Twitter profiles for some (like me).

The virus, the new laws have harmed the economy with many out of work or finding it hard to find it. I am fortunate to still have a job for now but don’t know for how long.

The combination has brought on isolation, loneliness and mild depression. All of which are common throughout the city. We need to find ways to climb out of this and move forward. Things are bad, but we must strive to be better in our ways. It is a hope, and for me, it is writing or trying to write. I love to write but hate to publish and want to do more.

I wish you well and better health where ever you and your family and friends are.

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